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Vintage Registration Holder 1932 Ford All Steel 5-Window Coupe Body
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Our Price: $22,998.49
Vintage Registration Holder Visor 1932 Ford All Steel 5-Window Coupe Body

Vintage Registration Holder

  • Excellent Reproduction of this Hard to Find Accessory
  • Fits on Sun visor Using Two Spring Clips as Original
  • Black Crushed Grain Material with Clear Window Like Original
1932 Ford All Steel 5-Window Coupe Body by United Pacific Industries.

Now it's even easier to make your dream hot rod a reality! Start your project with this brand new steel body from United Pacific Industries. UPI created the precision tooling that accurately produces every part and panel exactly like the original. From the very beginning of this project UPI's goal was to make it just the way it was.

This new all steel body is stock the height and built to the original specs. Includes the entire hardwood inner structure. Both doors and latches are mounted and the deck lid is hinged as a trunk. The body is black EDP coated to keep the new steel fresh and rust free!

  • Black EDP Coated to Keep Your New Steel Fresh and Un-rusted
  • Stock Height
  • Solid Roof with Cowl Vent
  • Includes Hardwood Inner Structure
  • Includes Both Doors with Door Latches
  • Deck Lid Hinged as Trunk
  • Firewall and Dash Sold Separately

  • Firewall and dash (listed below) are sold separately

    vailability and shipping costs upon request.

    Please allow 6 - 8 weeks from time of order for delivery.

    Click here to see UPI's '32 Ford brochure.
    1951-1955 Nash Electronic Ignition, 12 volt 6 Volt to 12 Volt Power Converter Pos or Neg Ground
    Our Price: $109.95
    Our Price: $144.95
    1951-1955 Nash Electronic Ignition, 12 volt 6 Volt to 12 Volt Power Converter Pos or Neg Ground
    1951-1955 Nash Electronic Ignition, 12 volt

    Also fits:
    1929-1930 Buick 6 cylinder
    1946-1954 Pontiac 6 cylinder
    1955-1962 AMC 6 cylinder
    1933-1934 Chrysler 6 cylinder
    1951-1955 Nash 6 cylinder
    1950-1955 Studebaker 6 cylinder
    Chevrolet and GMC 216, 235, and 261 6 cylinder engine

    Never mess with unreliable breaker points and condenser again! Install this electronic ignition module inside the Delco distributor of your 6 Cylinder engine and forget it. You get a modern ignition that will start your engine quicker and help it run better and still retain the original look of your Delco distributor.

    For the best performance from this unit it should be used with one of the Flame Thrower coils shown below.
    6 Volt to 12 Volt Converter Postive or Negative (+/-) Grounded Electrical Systems

    6 Volt to 12 Volt Converter, now you can run 12 volt radio, GPS, charge your phone on a 6 volt negative or positive ground system electrical systems.

    • Input voltage 4.0 to 36 volts, (can be used on 12v + chassis vehicle, or even a 24 volt system + or - chassis)

    • Works on Positive OR Negative vehicles - no modifications necessary to the vehicle, radio or converter

    • Output voltage fixed at 12.4 volts DC ± 2% • Output current 4 amps @ 4.0 volts input

    • Output current 5 amps @ 5.0 volts input

    • Output current 7 amps @ 6.0 volts input or higher

    • Fan cooling built-in - automatic temperature controlled

    • Standby current (no output load) 200mA @ 6.5v

    • Conversion efficiency varies with voltage and load, 82% at 5v input

    • Polarity reversal protection

    • Output voltage ripple factor < 1%

    • Input/Output isolation between input and output leads and the leads and frame is 500 volts

    • Weight 685 Grams (1.5 lb)

    • Dimensions 150 x 55 x 95 mm (6” x 2.1” x 3.75”)

    • Ambient temperature allowable from -20 to +80 degrees C (-4 to +176 F)
    Airtex Electric Fuel Pump 12V Carburetor Engines Ford 1940 Flathead V8 Restoration Book
    Our Price: $44.95
    Our Price: $19.95
    Airtex Electric Fuel Pump 12V Carburetor Engines 2.5 to 4.5 PSI Ford 1940 early ford v8 club restoration book
    Airtex Electric Fuel Pump 12V Carburetor Engines 2.5 to 4.5 PSI

    Airtex 12 volt Electric Fuel Pump Works on both Positive & Negative Ground Systems. These pumps overcome vapor lock by supplying constant fuel pressure to the carburetor. Pumps will pass fuel when power is off, can be used in conjunction with mechanical fuel pumps.

    • 2.5 to 4.5 PSI
    • 30 gallons per hour
    • 5/16" hose size
    • Every single pump is 100 percent tested throughout the entire manufacturing process for worry free, out-of-the-box performance
    • Advanced polymers, brushes and commutators to ensure long life and durability in multiple fuel blends
    • Leading-edge inlet design to increase performance and efficiency, leading to longer life
    • High grade outer shell for life-long corrosion resistance
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty
    • All Airtex pumps meet or exceed OE specifications in fit, form and function

    Ford 1940 book, early ford v8 club of america,

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