Vintage Tube Radio Reducer 12 volts to 6 volts 1936-1954 Chevy Car Truck 216 235 12V Foot Pedal Starter Chrome Turn Signal Switch Old School 6 Volts 1948-1953 Ford Flathead Six 12 volt conversion kit H Series Engines
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12V to 6V Vintage Tube Radio Dropping Reducer 1936-1954 Chevy Car Truck 12V 100 Amp Chrome Conversion Kit Turn Signal Switch Old School 6 Volts 1948-1951 Ford Flathead Six Cylinder H Series 12 Volt consersion kit
12 V - 6V Tube Radio Dropping Resistor 12-volt-guide

Turn Signal Switch Old School 6 volt.

The old school retro style turn signal switch, the same one that my Grand Dad had on his 50 Merc! This turn signal switch mounts easily to your steering column with the included clamp. The switch is all chrome plated with a green lite tip on switch arm. It comes with a wiring harness and instructions making it easy to install on your car, truck or hot rod.
Includes 3 pin flasher, 3 pin connector and works on 6 volts.
1948-1953 Ford Flathead Six Cylinder H Series 12V Conversion Kit.
Note: this kit will not fit earlier G series engines built prior to 1948.

Included in this conversion kit for your flathead six cylinder Ford; 12 volt 63 amp 10Si alternator properly clocked to fit flathead six cylinder bracket that mounts the alternator in the same position as the original generator.

Also includes:
Ignition Coil with coil bracket, Headlight Relay, Horn Relay, Oil Gas Temp Gauge Regulator (allows use of original 6v gauge sending units), Start Solenoid, 3 wire DA plug and 10 AWG alternator to battery connection wire and full set of instructions.

Note: Select the correct size pulley for the belt on your car or truck.

1949-1953 trucks used 3/4" generator pulley to fit the wide belt.
1949-1950 cars used the same 3/4" pulley.
1951 Cars used the narrow 3/8" belt.

Kit fits H Series Ford engines built between 1948-1953. Alternator bracket will not fit G series engines made between 1940-1947 due to the location of the distributor.

The H series engine is easily distinguished from the G Series by distributor location....the new Load-a-matic distributor on H series engines is mounted on the driver side of the cylinder block near the middle of the engine.

See other optional items listed below.

1 Year Warranty Made In USA

1937-1954 Chevy 216, 235 12 Volt Chrome Kit Airtex Electric Fuel Pump Kit 6 Volt Pos or Neg Ground Delco CS130 Alternator 2 Wire Connection 1941-1960 GMC OHV 6 Truck 12V Conversion Kit
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1937-1954 Chevy Car 6V - 12V 100 Amp Chome Conversion Kit Airtex Electric Fuel Pump Kit 6 V Pos or Neg Ground Delco CS130 Alternator plug 1941-1954 GMC truck 6v to 12v Conversion Kit

Airtex Electric Fuel Pump Kit 6 V Pos or Neg Ground

Complete 6 volt Electric Fuel Pump package both 6 volt Positive & Negative Ground Systems. These pumps overcome vapor lock by supplying constant fuel pressure to the carburetor. Pumps will pass fuel when power is off, can be used in conjunction with mechanical fuel pumps. Use with carbureted engines.

Kit contains everything needed to install and properly connect your electric fuel pump into your vehicle.

Low pressure pump
2.5 to 4.5 PSI
30 gallons per hour
5/16" hose size

  • Every single pump is 100 percent tested throughout the entire manufacturing process for worry free, out-of-the-box performance
  • Advanced polymers, brushes and commutators to ensure long life and durability in multiple fuel blends
  • Leading-edge inlet design to increase performance and efficiency, leading to longer life
  • High grade outer shell for life-long corrosion resistance
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • All Airtex pumps meet or exceed OE specifications in fit, form and function
Delco CS130 Alternator plug used in 2 wire connection. (Alternator not included)

The (Delco Alternator) plug is a wiring adapter that allows easy installation of an alternator 2 wire connection when converting from a generator. the plug is designed to snap into the connector at the back of Delco Cs130 internal regulated alternators. This wire along with the output wire to your ammeter is all you need to connect up an alternator when doing a conversion.

The special feature of our plugs is a diode that prevents voltage from your alternator to enter your ignition system allows shutting down of your engine when using the original on-off ignition switch. This plug adaptor acts as a source of current to excite or turn on the alternator at low RPM.

Modern cars with alternators idle faster than the older engines, most alternators are set to turn on around 1,200 RPM, older engines idle in the 600-800 RPM range, this plug tells the alternator to turn on at low RPM.

1928-1935 Chevy Car Truck 6 to 12 Volt Conversion Kit Delco Short Case Alternator Bracket Start Solenoid 12 Volt Dodge Plymouth Hudson Studebaker Packard Willys International Alternator Charge 10AWG Charge Wire
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1928-1935 Chevy Car 6 to 12 Volt Conversion Kit Delco short Case Generator to alternator bracket Start Solenoid Dodge Plymouth Hudson Studebaker Packard Willys Alternator 10 AWG Red Charge Wire Only

Alternator: (63 amp 10si-63) or (100 amp CS130-100
Pulley: Standard 5/8", or 3/8"

Alternator bracket: 04854-C
Connection Wire: (63 amp D-3WK) or (100 amp

Coil: RUC15
Horn Relay: HR106T

Gauge Reducer: V12872
Headlight relay: RLK-1

Set of instructions

GM alternator conversion bracket. Bracket adapts short case Delco generator to Delco 10Si alternators.

Measure the inside dimensions of your generator mounting ears, this bracket fits long case generators that are 5.95" or 151mm distance between mounting ears.

Made in USA!

Installation Instructions

Start Solenoid, Dodge, Plymouth, Hudson, Studebaker, Packard, Willys, International
12 volts.

High quality silver points for long life

Installation Instructions
Alternator Charge 10 Gauge Charge Wire

8 feet of 10 AWG heavy gauge wire with ring connectors, long enough to run from alternator to ammeter to battery connection. Comes with instructions and wire diagram.

Note: Do not use small gauge wire to connect your alternator into your electrical system, small gauge wire will not
carry the correct current.

Includes instructions.