Safety Star License Plate Ornament
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Safety Star License Plate Ornament Red light 12 volts

Chrome plated star with red light. These make an excellent and interesting 3rd brake light you can attach to your license plate.
Chevrolet Starter 235 Six Cylinder 12 Volts 168 Teeth Flywheels
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12 Volt Starter for Chevy 235 Six Cylinder truck Engines with 168 teeth flywheel.

To check the number of teeth on your flywheel, remove the starter and count the flywheel teeth.
This starter will only fit 168 teeth flywheels.

168 teeth flywheel which fits most trucks. Cars used139 teeth flywheels use starter part number 3500GR

This is a gear reduction starter with a built in solenoid and will fit all 216 and 235 c.u. Chevrolet engines
with electric key starter (not foot pedal) starter. Or you can convert your electrical system to electric key starter with our add on kit. See below.

  • High torque & more cranking speed
  • All ball bearing construction
  • Starter can be clocked in 3 different positions depending on clearance
  • 8.3 pounds (much lighter than the old starter)
  • Better cracking on high compression engines
  • Comes with shims for proper fit
  • 12 volts
  • 9 tooth gear measures 1.150 inch diameter